Temporary Dismissals

In 2019, it was announced that The FA Council has agreed for Temporary Dismissals (Sin-Bins) to be introduced for all leagues and clubs at Step 5 and below, following a 2 year pilot.

The aim is to decrease dissent and improve the match day experience and to support the RESPECT programme.

We have put together a handy information guide to highlight how the process works

Pilot Scheme Results

  • 38% reduction in Dissent across all leagues
  • A reduction on dismissals for receiving a 2nd caution in a game and Abusive Language

Survey carried out to obtain feedback from users (1400 users)

  • 72% of Players wanted to continue with Sin Bins
  • 77% of Managers/Coaches wanted to continue with Sin Bins
  • 84% of Referees wanted to continue with Sin Bins

A SKY survey showed that the 1 major change referees requested to be brought in was Sin Bins

Current use has shown that Players self-police Dissent as they wish to play with a full squad.


Q. Will the Referee working on their own be able to control the Sin Bin Period?

A. Yes if they follow the correct Procedure

Q. Can a Temporary Dismissed player warm up?

A. Yes – Want to avoid injury and the purpose of the Sin Bin is to remove from play

Q.  What happens if the Team go down to less than 7 players as a result of a Temporary Dismissal?

A. If at any time a team goes under 7 players for any reason – the game will be abandoned

Match Day Process

Period in Sin Bin is:

  • 10 minutes for all matches of 90 minutes
  • 8 minutes for all other matches
  • 5 minutes for youth matches that are 2 x 25 minutes
  • Remember – No designated area: just back with management and subs

Period starts when play restarts

Referee includes any lost time

Where neutral assistants are appointed they assist with time keeping

  • Referee has the final decision on when the player can return to play
  • Does not need to be a stoppage in play – Referee will only allow player to return away from current action
  • A Player in the Sin Bin cannot be substituted until the period has expired and not at all if all substitutes have been used
  • If the period has not expired at the end of the 1st half, it continues during the 2nd half (or Extra Time)
  • If It has note expired at the end of Extra Time and there are kicks from the penalty mark – the player can participate

Click the link below to access The FA Sin Bin training module

Click here to launch the FA Sin Bin Training Module

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