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Please complete the form via the link to apply for promotion and then call the office to make payment.

Level 7-6

Level 6-5

Level 5-4

All candidates must pay a £30 administration fee. This will apply for each promotion application.

Closing dates for application will be the 31st July 2022.

Those wishing to join the pathway for promotion for level 5-4 you will be required to attend a fitness test at the Riverside, Chester-le-street, DH3 3SJ. There are 2 test dates please sign up to one of these dates below:

17th July 2022 9am


7th August 2022 9am

No Blood Pressure Form = No Test

The new promotion pathway has been divided into quarters to allow for the opportunity for greater progression as such we will be operating 4 promotion windows in which to join the promotion pathway.

At the end of each quarter those who have met the criteria will be informed if they have been successful within 7 days. Below are the dates for the promotions windows in which you will be able to either join from new, re-apply or apply for the next stage in the pathway up to level 5.

Window 1 – closing date 31st July (Level 5-4 this is your only deadline)

Window 2 – 31st Oct – 7th Nov

Window 3 – 2nd Jan – 9th Jan

Window 4 – 1st March – 8th March

Payment must be made within this window.

There will be 2 pre season promotion meetings held at Durham FA on the below dates, please sign up to one. You will be required to sign a code of conduct at this event as well as the scheme being explained to all candidates.

17th July 2022 10am

7th August 2022 10am

Get in touch

Sebastian Stockbridge
(Referee Development Officer)

T: 0191 3872929 (Option 2 then Option 6)


Level 7-6

Click here to download the Referee Progression Pack (Level 7-6)


Level 6-5

Click here to download the Referee Progression Pack (Level 6-5)


Level 5-4

Click here to download the Referee Progression Pack (Level 5-4).

Click here to download the (Level 5-4) Test Certificate.

Fitness Test Audio can also be found here

Level 4w- 3w

Click here to download the Referee Progression Pack (Level 3w-4w).


Click here to download the Referee Progression Pathway Overview.