Durham FA Centre of Refereeing Excellence

Durham FA Centre of Refereeing Excellence (CORE):

Is a season long development programme for the 2021-2022 season providing development opportunities to referees from Level 7 to Level 4 

The scheme will operate with 3 distinct groups to allow opportunities for all.


CORE Select – referees between levels 7 and 5 aiming to progress through the refereeing pathway.


CORE Supply – Level 4 referees


CORE Development – Targeted training at those who aren’t in the promotion system who are looking to develop their skills to potentially move through the refereeing pathway.
The CORE Select group will meet once per month in order to provide support to those in the County Promotion Scheme and those identified as having potential to progress. 
Entry to Durham FA CORE is by invitation only for the season and referees have had to complete a fitness and laws of the game test for their entry into the scheme as well as pass an interview and a selection day taking place on 18th July. 


CORE Development and Supply will look to have 3 meetings per season around the county.
The CORE coaching will be led by the following personnel: 
Geoff Eltringham - CORE Manager (SG2 Referee)

Shaun Hudson (SG2 Assistant Referee)

Brian Parry (PGMOL Observer)

Tony Harrington (SG1 Referee)

Adam Herczeg (2A Referee)   

Andrew Kitchen (EFL Referee)

Sebastian Stockbridge (RDO and EFL Referee)

Graham Fyvie (EFL assistant referee)

David Webb (SG2 Referee)

Gary Beswick (FIFA Assistant Referee)

Mark Bell (Level 4 Referee)

James Bancroft (Level 3 Referee) 
Sam Parnaby (Level 3 Referee) 




CORE Supply
Sessions will be delivered at Durham FA on the following dates and will include fitness training:

Monday 5th September

Monday 5th December

Monday 6th March


CORE Select

Sessions will be delivered at Durham FA on the following dates and will include fitness and practical training: 

Thursday 22nd September 

Thursday 27th October

Thursday 24th November

Thursday 26th January

Thursday 23rd February

Thursday 23rd March

Thursday 27th April

CORE Development

CORE Development

CORE Development is aimed at those referees who possibly wish to join the promotion pathway in the coming seasons, those who wish to develop as referees and those who wish to move into adult football. This programme is currently a one off event this season as a pilot event, it will be the same session ran across 3 different venues throughout the county so it aims to cater for all and provide you with the best opportunity to learn and grow. It will be led by our strong group of DFA CORE Coaches delivering technical sessions across the evening.

These events will be held at the below venues and dates:

Monday 3rd October @ Durham FA

Monday 9th January @ Durham FA

Monday 3rd April @ Durham FA