FA Disability Talent Pathway

FA Disability Pathway



The FA disability football performance unit has a clear vision: to develop winning England teams. In order to do so, the mission is to deliver the world’s leading talent programme for disability sport, maximising player and coach potential.

Details of the performance pathway for 2017-21 are outlined below;

FA Disability Talent Pathway

What is an England Talent Day?

FA England Talent Days are the recognised first selective environment in the Disability Talent Pathway. The England Talent Day will identify and signpost players to the ‘right’ environment at that point in time.

England Talent Days are aimed at players with a disability between the ages of 7 to 16 years old. All players need to have one of the following impairments to be eligible; Deaf, Blind, Cerebral Palsy, Amputee or Partially Sighted.

There is a formal eligibility criteria for each specific impairment group which you can find in the document above.

After the England Talent Day every player will be signposted to the ‘right’ environment for them at that point in time. 

For some players they will be invited to progress up to the next step in the Disability Talent Pathway; however some players maybe referred to more local opportunities to continue their development with the view to access a future England Talent Day.

Get in touch for more information;

Andrea Fyall
Football Development Officer (Disability)
T: 0191 3872928 (Option 4 then Option 7)
E: Andrea.Fyall@DurhamFA.com