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Mental Health Awareness Week - Every Mind Matters

The ‘Find your little big thing’campaign will kick start during Mental HealthAwareness Week (13 - 19 May) 

EVERY mind matters - find your little big thing

The ‘Find your little big thing’ will kick start during Mental Health Awareness Week (13 - 19 May) to highlight that ‘doing the little things can make a big difference to your mental health.’

Every Mind Matters

Aimed at 25–54-year-olds, but weighted towards those that are struggling and most at risk of mental health problems, the campaign encourages and helps us to ‘find your little big thing’, which can make a big difference to our mental health.


Making time for your mental wellbeing is important - and embedding these little things as part of your routine can help you feel better and more in control

These little things can include:

Getting physically active – like taking a walk

Managing your thoughts and feelings with the help of CBT

Talking to someone you trust

Getting the most from your sleep – like avoiding screen-time an hour before bed or getting out of bed and doing something simple until you feel tired again

Getting closer to nature

Planning something nice to look forward to


Search Every Mind Matters for free to help you look after your mental wellbeing and see whether you can make them part of your daily routine.

Find your little big thing.

Better Health Every Mind Matters