SG Mascot


Design Our New Safeguarding Mascot 

Looking to keep your children occupied during the summer holidays?


Young children connected with any of the counties boys’ or girls’ teams can enter and share their colourful character ideas on social media until Monday 28th August.


The intention of the mascot is to provide an instantly recognisable character to direct all to an area where we have provided information on how to report and raise awareness about safeguarding issues and also provides information about safeguarding support services and organisations where they can report concerns for the safeguarding or welfare involving themselves or someone else.


The winner will receive a £40 Amazon Gift Card as a prize.


This is an opportunity for children to get creative, and the mascot designs must be colourful, simple and fun.


Submit your mascot designs via our social media pages or alternatively you can email designs to Entries will be judged by the Safeguarding Team after the Monday 28th August deadline.