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Warm Weather Advice

Warm Weather Advice

With the warm weather over the summer, Durham FA would like to remind coaches and parents of some top tips to keep children safe when playing football in the heat. Coaches should make a responsible judgement as to whether activity should take place.

Top Tips

  1. Drinks

    Make sure that everyone has plenty of drinks available for during the session.

  2. Sun Protection

    Parents should apply sun cream to their children before taking part, and apply more as required.

  3. Rest

    Take regular breaks during your activity in shaded areas where possible.

    to allow people to rehydrate every 15-20 minutes.

    Intensity of sessions should be reduced when it’s too hot or humid.

    If you are playing games, then ask the referee for drinks breaks.

  4. Clothing

    Wear lightweight and light coloured clothing to keep cool.
    Have some spare clothes to change into so your children can be dry and comfortable 

  5. Cool down

Plan a cool down at the end of your session. This will help recirculate blood to the rest of your players bodies.

It’s important to rehydrate at the end of your activity.