Hannah Marshall

Hannah Marshall - Durham FA Youth Council Chair

Today is International Women's Day! This week we will be celebrating different inspirational women in our County. 


Hannah Marshall 
Role: Durham FA Youth Council Chair

What is your role with the Durham FA Youth Council?
I am the chairperson for the youth council meaning that I lead and facilitate meetings whilst ensuring our targets are met. I also represent the youth voice on Durham FA’s Inclusion Advisory Group.
Tell us about how you got involved in the Durham FA Youth Council?
I have always been interested in football and started to gain an interest in youth leadership in college, and it was actually my college principle Mark Hughes who sent me the application and encouraged me to get involved.
What are you looking forward to most about being involved in Youth Council?
I am excited to get to know the new members of the team and hear new ideas from a diverse group of people. I am also looking forward to developing my leadership skills further.
Have you been involved in other areas of football prior to the Youth Council? What are they?
Yes, I have always played football but more recently I have become interested in the coaching aspect. I am currently working towards my level 2 qualification.
What are the biggest obstacles you have faced in this role?
Obviously with Covid restrictions, communication and interaction have been more difficult. We have been trying to make Microsoft Teams calls engaging, interesting and fun as well as being informative. It’s been harder to bond as a team without face to face meetings so we have worked hard on getting to know each other with games, quizzes and team building activities online.
What advice would you give to females wishing to get involved in roles within the game of football?
I’d say that the game is inclusive and open to all. Don’t be influenced by stereotypes and try it for yourself. If it’s something you’re interested in and enjoy then get involved. Even if your friends aren’t, you’ll meet like minded people and new friends along the way.  The women’s game is definitely growing and lots more opportunities are becoming available so now is the perfect time to participate!

Hannah Marshall