Helplines you can contact


More information on the helplines you can contact over the Festive Period. 

Over the Festive Period times can be hard for people and it can almost feel like a struggle, but know at the push of a button you can access all the help you need and speak to the correct people to ensure you have the support and information to tackle the tough time.

Mental health can affect anybody regardless of age so it comes as a little bit of a comfort knowing there's different sites out on the internet which are adjusted to suit a certain age group of people offering the best help and advice. All of the below links can be accessed and will take you directly across to the website best suited to help you out. 

Don't face the struggle alone this Christmas, seek some help and speak with the best people.

Click here for the Samaritans 

Click here for Childline 

Click here YoungMinds 

Click here for NSPCC