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Durham County FA Leagues - Season 2021-2022

2021 = CHANGE

2021 = CHANGE

The Durham County FA has held a couple of meetings with clubs from within the county regarding the way forward for youth football within the county, due to large numbers it was not possible to involve all clubs.

It has been agreed that there is a provision for youth football on a Saturday, however the Durham County FA will continue to administer and grow the leagues we currently run.

Two development points arose from discussions and they relate to the lack of youth football within our boundaries (south of the river Tyne, north of the river Tees and across to the Cumberland borders) on Sunday and the opportunity for higher ability players to play against each other, with this in mind please see below:

The Durham County FA will administrate and run the following Leagues/Festivals for Female and/or Male participants:

• Saturday Under 17's, 18's, 19's, 20's, 21's, 22's, 23's, (am and/or pm depending on demand)
• Sunday Under 7's to Under 10's (Mini Soccer) (am and/or pm depending on demand)
• Sunday Under 11's and 12's (9v9) (am and/or pm depending on demand)
• Sunday Under 13's to Under 23's (am and/or pm depending on demand)
• Midweek evening ‘higher ability’ leagues to be formed at Under 14 to Under 16's)

Administration and Structure
• A working group with two or three members from each division/ area within the county boundaries (NE, NW, SE, SW using current boundaries A1(M) and A690) will be set up to discuss and provide options for the way forward.
• The Management Committee for each of the above sections will be formed with members of participating teams with one or two Durham County FA Representatives
• Teams will decide on Rules, Fees, Fines in line with FA Standard Code of Rules (Youth)
• All administration will be carried out by Durham County FA Staff, Player Registration will be on Whole Game System (FA Mandatory from Season 2021/2022) function carried out by Teams and Durham County FA Staff.
• All referees will be appointed by Durham County FA
• Match Day Fixture, Results on Matchday App and Full Time, Training provided By Durham County FA Staff
• League Administration Fee and League Entry Fee will be decided by the participating Teams
• Coaches, Parents, Players Forums will be formed and work with a Durham County FA Football Development Officer assigned to each Regional division / area.

I have received names of those interested in being part of the working groups to look at Saturday, Sunday and Midweek youth football within the County boundaries and would encourage anyone else keen to be part of the groups forward their details to we will obviously have to limit the numbers so that meaningful discussion can take place and would therefore ask if you are interested you complete the online expression of interest form found by clicking here prior to Friday 22nd January 2021.