Whole Game System

FA Criminal Record Checks - New Process using Whole Game System

New process coming soon for Criminal Record Checks (CRCs) - Using the Whole Game System (WGS).

The FA have launched an improved process for dealing with CRC applications at clubs – this process is being rolled out by County FAs and we in Durham will start a roll-out to clubs in the coming weeks.

The new process basically involves using WGS to start any CRC application whether for a new volunteer joining a club; or, for CRC renewal for an existing volunteer with a club.

The actual process for a volunteer to make a CRC application and for a club welfare officer to verify a CRC application through GBG Disclosures remains exactly the same – all that changes is that each CRC in the future will start through WGS and allow progress to be monitored through WGS.

The new system is considered to be beneficial as it:-
- Links direct into WGS which we all use already
- Will help to minimise duplicate records
- Will allow clubs to better monitor the progress of an application
- Will enable much quicker FAN update once a CRC application is completed

An applicant will start their CRC application through WGS by logging-in. Having to log-in using a FAN will minimise duplicate records. Anyone who cannot remember their FAN can retrieve it through the log-in process. Anyone without a FAN can create one. 
For club officials, especially Welfare Officer and Secretary the progress through the stages of the application process, to ‘acceptance’ of a CRC, will be easier to monitor as WGS will show the progress of each CRC through to FAN update. 
Some applicants assume that once they receive their CRC Certificate that the process is complete; however, we know that the process is only complete once a FAN is showing the new date of issue of the CRC Certificate and the word ‘accepted’.
For ‘clear’ CRCs, FAN update will be automatic and immediate - so no time delays in waiting for manual FAN update by GBG Disclosures (FA CRC Unit).
For CRCs with ‘content’ they will go through the existing review process.

The FA have provided guidance for County FAs and Clubs which we attach for your information.

New FA Criminal Records Check Application - Applicant Guidance

NEW FA Criminal Records Check Application - Club Welfare Officer Guidance

We will all have to learn about the new system but looking at what is being asked, we should not be worried about moving forward as the change is only to use WGS to start the application process as the actual CRC application and verification through the GBG Disclosures website remains exactly the same – no change with that at all. 

Please have a look through the guidance that has been issued and let us know your thoughts at safeguarding@durhamfa.com

At this point, the new process is not yet available to clubs. 

We wanted to share the guidance with you first so you had chance to read through it - we will advise you in the coming weeks when the system becomes ‘live’ and available to you and how to ‘switch it on’ at a club. 

Staff here at Durham FA will support clubs through implementation.