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FA Level 2 in Coaching Football - Learner Journey

Read two of our Learners journey so far on the FA Level 2 in Coaching Football

In February 2018 an FA Level 2 in Coaching Football course was held where the learners signed up to all 3 blocks of the new course. We wanted to gain a real insight into some of the learners journey through all 3 of the blocks of learning and also the impact these have when learners are back at their clubs working with their players.

Two learners agreed to log their journey and agreed to submit 3 'blog' posts each following each block of learning and a few coaching practices with their own players. We agreed to publish these to provide information to perspective FA Level 2 learners and also track their progress, thoughts and feelings throughout the course.

The 2 learners are Sean Dolan from Wynyard Village FC and Mark Kelly from Spennymoor Town Youth FC.

The new FA Level 2 in split into the following 3 blocks;

  • Block 1 - How We Coach
  • Block 2 - How We Support / Future Player
  • Block 3 - How We Play

The course also consists of 2 'in-situ' support visits at the learners club with their own players to check on progress and also to add additional support to the coaches learning. Both Mark and Sean will include in their submissions how these support visits went and what it is like receiving support in their own clubs with their own players.

Below you can find both submissions;

Click Here for FA Level 2 in Coaching Football Journey - Sean Dolan

Click Here for FA Level 2 in Coaching Football Journey - Mark Kelly

If you are interested in attending the FA Level 2 in Coaching Football you can find full information by clicking here