Durham FA U18 Squad

Durham FA U18 Squad 2018-19

Playing for the County is not only an honour but also gives players the opportunity to play against players from other County FA’s in fixtures that will be watched by many professional clubs.

To be eligible for the above squad, players need to be aged 15 years old on or before 31st August 2018 and under the age of 18 on the same date, born within this County (border South of the River Tyne and North of the River Tees and across to the Cumberland borders), be registered for a team affiliated to Durham FA or attending a School/College/University within the County and not be under contract to any team.

Please see attached Nomination Form below which should be emailed to Eve.Walker@DurhamFA.com or returned to Durham FA by post no later than Friday 27th July 2018. 

Click Here to Download Nomination Form