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Referee Promotions!

Congratulations to the following referees on gaining promotion.

Level 7 – 6

K. Barron
M. Burdess
S. Burns
G. Campbell
L. Cook
M. Cullinan
M. Davidson
A. Elliott
K. McCord
B. Mudd
J. Nicholson
P. Quinn
D. Ranson
R. Rowe
I. Stewart
M. Webster

Level 6 – 5

C. Armstrong
J. Bancroft
P. Burt
J. Cairns
M. Carroll
K. Downey
D. Fittes
J. Gordon
T. Jukes
M. Katoroz
D. Mahmoodshahi
L. Reynolds
J. Shepherd

Level 5 – 4

The following have been recommended to The Football Association for promotion:

M. Cain
P. Cooper
P. Guard
C. Joyce
S. Lawson
J. Lowery
R. Scott
G. Todua
T. Wyatt

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