Football Stadia

Funding for FA National League System Clubs

Funded by the Premier League, The Football Stadia improvements fund awards Capital Grants to the EFL, National League, Women's Pyramid and Welsh Premier League down to the lower leagues of the FA National League system.  

This funding covers Durham FA affiliated clubs from Step 1-7, and as a County FA, we’re keen to work with and target Clubs who have ambition to develop their facilities. Please be aware this will work best for Clubs to alert us as early on as possible to give you the best chance of obtaining funding.

There are several funding windows throughout the season, however Durham County FA advise any Clubs keen to develop their facilities to meet ground grading requirements for future seasons, to please get in contact as early in the process as possible.

The Football Stadia Improvement Fund is a non-charitable arm of the Football Foundation, solely investing in projects to improve the facilities at lower league football stadia around the country.

From installing new floodlights and upgrading playing surfaces to developing all-seater stands, the Football Stadia Improvement Fund (FSIF) invests in projects that improve the matchday experience of players, officials and spectators.

For more information on the Football Stadia Improvement Fund then please click here to be taken directly to the Football Stadia Improvement website.