Durham County FA Coach Development Programme Workshops

 Durham County FA Coach Development Workshops

 The Durham CFA Coach Development Workshops are available for both clubs and coaches within the county and will comprise of theory and/or practical, therefore supporting coaches understanding and application.

 These Coach Development Workshops will be delivered by our team of in-house, Durham CFA Coach Developers, all of whom are UEFA A Licenced Coaches and have a wealth of experience in supporting coaches through   the delivery of both Coach Development and Coach Education courses.

 The following information will outline a catalogue of ten workshops on offer for clubs and coaches for the 2021-2022 season. Should clubs and coaches require support in an area not highlighted in the CPD menu, we would   be willing to look into the possibility of some additional, bespoke workshops.



 Utilising the CPD menu set out in the coming pages, clubs across County Durham can book a Coach Development Workshop, or indeed a number of workshops, to be delivered at their respective club, for their coaches.   These workshops can be booked on a date and time that meets the needs of the club. Each workshop will run for 2.5 hours. All workshops will be engaging & interactive.

 Ideally clubs will have access to both an indoor classroom/space and outdoor pitch, therefore allowing the workshops to be delivered as a blend of theory and practical. However, should a club not have access to an indoor   classroom/space, the workshop can be manipulated to be delivered solely as a practical event. A blend of theory & practical will provide the best learning experience.

 The practical aspect of any workshop can either be delivered to a team of players from the club, or directly to the coaches.

 All clubs / coaches will receive copies of the resources used in the workshop.

 The cost for one club workshop will be £75.00

 The cost for two club workshops will be £125.00

 The cost for three club workshops will be £150.00

 Four (+) workshops charged at an additional £50.00 each.

 N.B Unlimited number of coaches from the club can attend.

 Any interested clubs should follow this link to register their interest: https://forms.office.com/r/s1nMUPx2ma


 Durham County FA will look to plan and deliver the workshops detailed overleaf, over the course of the 2021-2022 season, at a number of venues across the county. These workshops will be open for all coaches to access.   Each workshop will run for 2 hours. All workshops will be engaging & interactive.

 Durham CFA will also look to deliver ‘Female Only’ workshops.

 Each workshop will include theory and/or practical, whilst also giving coaches an opportunity to engage with the Coach Developer and network with likeminded coaches 

 The practical aspect of the workshop may be delivered to a team of players, or directly to the coaches in attendance.

 All coaches will receive copies of the resources used in the workshop.

 Each workshop will cost £10.00 per coach.

 CPD Menu - Supporting the Person:

 - Connecting and engaging with players: Personality, Relationships and Rapport.

 - Motivation.

 CPD Menu - The Role of the Coach:

 - Coaching Styles and Intervention Strategies.

 - Managing Mistakes.

 CPD Menu - On the Pitch: The ‘Football’:

 - Bespoke ‘Technical’ Workshops, i.e. Finishing Practices, etc.

 - Bespoke ‘Tactical’ Workshops, i.e. Attacking from wide areas, etc.

 CPD Menu - On the Pitch: The Practice and the Player:

 - Returns from Practice – The Practice Spectrum (Repetition, Realism, Relevance).

 - Constraints Based Coaching – Restrict, Relate, Reward.

 - The use of ‘challenges’ (Individual and Team).

 - Play, Exploration and Creativity.

 For information and to book onto our latest workshop, please click here.