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Respect is The FA’s programme to address poor practice and unacceptable behaviour in football – both on and off the field of play as such behaviour drives people away from the game.

Every year, because of the abuse they receive from players and from the sidelines, many referees quit the game. Many children also leave because of the attitude and actions of over-enthusiastic and pushy parents.

In response, the FA developed and introduced the Respect programme to provide appropriate tools for leagues, clubs, coaches, referees, players and parents, from grassroots to elite football, to enable them to promote a safe and positive environment in which to enjoy the game.

These tools include Respect Codes of Conduct, in-service training for Referees, Respect club packs, spectator sideline barriers and encouraging team captain’s to work with referees to manage player behaviour.

The FA also launched a free online Respect Parent and Carers Guide targeting youth football to highlight examples of poor behaviour and, more importantly, show how behaviour can be improved. The Respect Parent and Carers Guide is a free course which offers practical advice, hints and tips on what it takes to be a supportive soccer parent/carer and how to positively influence young players to be involved in the game. To access the Guide for Parents and Carers please click on this link

You will be asked to log-in using FAN and password – if you do not know your FAN contact Durham County FA.  The course can also be completed without logging-in however the system cannot save ‘where you are at’ if you wanted to complete the course over a couple of days.

How much do I really know about Respect?
Find out your current knowledge about Respect by completing a quiz compiled by Durham County FA and it will only take you minutes to test yourself. Follow the link and see how you do!

FA Respect Quiz - Click Here!

Answers to the quiz can be found here - FA Respect Quizz Answers

What is the basis of ensuring we can promote Respect within our club?
When a club is seeking to implement and promote Respect it is important for it to ensure it operates a solid and consistent approach to recruiting both volunteers who want to help out in official roles, for example, Secretary or Coach; as well as with players. The following links provide information as to recruitment of both volunteers and players.

Respect Resources
FA Report Abuse

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