11v11 Football

Affiliation Information for 2020-21

The Directors of the Durham FA have taken into account the sudden end to the 2019/2020 season and the grant provided by Sport England and the FA and have used the FULL amount to reduce the overall affiliation and/or Insurance package.

The Directors have also agreed to continue and heavily subsidise Personal Accident Insurance along with Public Liability Insurance premiums for teams playing at Step 5 and below, including Youth, Disability/Futsal/ Recreational/Walking Football teams.

Affiliation fees are as follows:

These costs are inclusive of Affiliation, Public Liability and Personal Accident Insurance for Steps 5 and below


Level team plays at

2020/2021 Fees

Professional Clubs

£85.00 (provide own PAI and PL)

NLS at Steps 1 – 4

£35.00 (provide own PAI and PL)

NLS at Steps 5 & 6

£130.00 (includes PAI and PL)

Step 7 Teams

£97.00 (includes PAI and PL).

Senior 11 aside teams below 7

£80.00 (includes PAI and PL).

Youth Teams U13s - U18s

£27.00 (includes PAI and PL)

Youth Teams U11s - U12s

£23.00 (includes PAI and PL)

Youth teams U5s - U10s

£18.00 (includes PAI and PL)

Disability/Futsal/Recreational/Walking Football teams

£5.00 (PL included if part of an affiliated Club)

League affiliation

£15.00 (includes PL)

Subsidiary Cups

£5.00 (includes PL)

Charity Cups

£5.00 (includes PL)

DISABILITY/FUTSAL/RECREATIONAL/WALKING FOOTBALL TEAMS: Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) quotes can be obtained by contacting the Durham  FA on Info@DurhamFA.com