Referee Level Classification

The classication period runs from 1st June in each year, or the date of successful completion of the initial examination, to the following 31st May.

As at 1st June in each year every Referee is to be classified as follows;

International        FIFA List Referee

Level 1               National List Referee

Level 2a             Panel Select List Referee

Level 2b             Panel List Referee

Level 3               Contributory League Referee

Level 4               Supply League Referee

Level 5               Senior County Referee. This classification includes Referees who have served at a higher level. *

Level 6               County Referee

Level 7               Junior County Referee (16 years of age or over)

Level 8               Youth Referee (14 or 15 years of age)

Level 9               Trainee Referee

Level 10             Referee Workforce (if not already registered as an active Referee)

                          - Tutor

                          - Assessor

                          - Mentor

                          - Coach

* Where a Referee has achieved a Level higher than Level 5 and is not retained, the Referee will usually be reclassified as a Level 5 Referee, with the option of further promotion in the normal way or until a status of non-active is declared by the individual.

The Association may designate Referees as Specialist Assistant Referees who will officiate almost exclusively as Assistant Referee according to guidelines determined from time to time.

A Referee may be registered as one or more of the following specialist categories; such registration may be in addition to a Level 1 to 10 registration.

MSR                Mini Soccer Referee

SS                   Small Sided Referee

WFR1             Premier League and Super League Women's Football Referee

WFR2             Combination Women's Football Referee

WFR3             Regional Premier Division Women's Football Referee

WFR4             Regional League Women's Football Referee

WFR5             County League Women's Football Referee

WFR6             Girls and County League Women's Football Referee

WFR7             Trainee Women's Football Referee

FURF              International FIFA Futsal Referee

FUR1              National Futsal Referee

FUR2              Regional Futsal Referee

FUR3              Senior County Futsal Referee

FUR4              County Futsal Referee

FUR5              Junior County Futsal Referee

FUR6              Youth Futsal Referee

When a Referee changes residence from one Affiliated Association to another, the classification Level will be accepted by the Affiliated Association into whose area the Referee has been moved.

A Referee moving to England from another country must provide proof of their current Referee status from their National Association. The Association will determine their classification Level.

Trainee Referees undertaking the Basic Referee Training Course must be registered as Level 9 by the end of Module 3. A Level 9 Referee will automatically become a Level 7 Referee (16 years of age or over) or Level 8 (14 or 15 years of age) upon successful completion of the Basic Referee Training Course.

A Level 8 Referee will automatically become a Level 7 Referee on reaching the age of 16. 

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