FA Secondary Schools Programme

The FA Secondary Schools Programme is our offer for football in secondary schools to make it clearer, more dynamic and more engaging for schools and young people alike.

It’s free to be involved, simple to sign up to and includes a whole range of benefits that are readily accessible.

The Programme is supported by four sub-elements. (1) After School Football, (2) Leadership, (3) Intra School Football, (4) Inter-School Football (signposted through to ESFA and ISFA).

After School Football

The “after-school football” offer incorporates our participation programmes such as Football MashUp, designed to get children and young people playing football in a safe and fun environment. Any school delivering recreational after-school football activity can join the FA Secondary Schools Programme


The “leadership” offer includes the FA’s Football Futures, designed to support and develop young people and the game. This section will help young people towards finding volunteering opportunities, developing life and work skills and offer further opportunities to support events within the County, nationally and even internationally for a few of its members.

Intra School Football

The “intra-school” offer supports schools with their in-house football competitions such as those previously known as Team Sixteen. This programme looks to develop a less-formal approach to competitive football in school, allowing the students to run the session playing their game with their rules! This offer is a fantastic social opportunity and also provides a chance for a few of the group to develop leadership skills by running and developing the competitions.

Inter-School Football

The FA Secondary Schools Programme is delivered in close partnership with our national partners English Schools F.A. and Independent Schools F.A., who should already lead your inter-school football, together with our network of County Football Associations across the country.

You can visit their websites here:

English Schools F.A. http://www.esfa.co.uk/

Independent Schools F.A. http://www.isfa.org.uk/


Following registration to the programme there will be a number of benefits available. From September, we will offer all schools a member package which will include:

  • The FA Secondary Schools brand to promote in school.
  • A suite of downloadable resources on The FA Schools Portal, password protected.
  • A termly Teacher Resource Pack including worksheets and posters to support teachers with the materials needed to inspire and engage their pupils.
  • Short videos showcasing the role of football in schools together with stimulating content that can be used to support teachers and school staff both inside and outside the classroom.
  • An email newsletter every half term highlighting a round-up of resources and featured materials that can be downloaded free of charge.
  • A range of social media feeds with daily sharing of ideas, opportunities and supporting an online community of teachers.
  • Access to a range of competitions and member only promotions.

Enrol now

All schools have to do to enrol is to visit the new online FA Schools Portal, create a quick and easy profile and all resources will be stored here for easy access.

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, via @FASchools and all information about how to enrol from the middle of June will be posted there.

Contact Kieren.Laverick@DurhamFA.com for information on the programme within Durham County FA.

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