Durham County FA North West Charity Cup

Durham County FA North West Charity Cup Competition.

Season 2017/18

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North West Durham Cup

Competition Rules

This competition shall be run in accordance with the general rules of charity competitions as laid down by the Durham County Football Association with the fowling rules


    1. The competition shall be open to clubs within the North West Division of the County.
    2. The entry fee shall be TEN pounds, payable to the competition Secretary, and made payable to the Durham County FA no later than Friday 26th August.
    3. The venue for the final shall be decided by the committee of the competition and whole decision shall be final

Registration of Players:

2.1 All players must be registered with the league their clubs play in.

2.2 Players must be registered at least seven clear days before playing in the competition.

To play in the Semi Final or Final a player must of played in an earlier round of the competition and also played in four league fixtures.

2.3 A player can only play for one team in the Competition.


3.1 All games shall be 90 minutes duration (45 minutes each way) which may be reduced to 70 minutes (35 minutes each way) with agreement of both captains and the match referee, prior to kick off.

3.2 All games shall kick off at the stipulated time. Any club causing a late kick off will be £10.00

3.3 The home club must confirm the game with the opposing team and the referee at least four clear days before the game failure to do so will result in a fine of £10.00

3.4 If the home teams ground is not available they must provide an alternative ground, if an alternative cannot be found then the fixture will be reversed to their opponents ground, if that is not available/playable the fixture will be rescheduled.

3.5 No club shall cancel any game without giving 28 days’ notice to the competition secretary

3.6 Each team shall use the competition team sheets provided and return to the Competition Secretary within 48 hours of the completion of the game. Team sheets must include Full names (Christian and surname) of the players plus the referees name and marks for the game out of 100, any team providing a mark of less than 51 must provide written reasons. Any team in default will incur a fine of £10.00

3.7 If the score is level at the end of the game, the result will be decided by penalty kicks. THERE IS NO EXTRA TIME.

3.8 Clubs can nominate (5) five substitutes maximum to the referee before the game starts who can be roll on roll off (expect to replace a player who has been dismissed by the referee after the commences) substitutes must be nominated to the referee before the start any club who fails to nominate substitutes will not be allowed to play them.

3.9 The half time interval shall be (5) five minutes it can be extended to (10) minutes with the referees permission.


4.1 Referee’s will be appointed by the competition and shall have the power to decide the fitness of the ground of play

4.2 Referees fees will be £25.00 inclusive of travel.

4.3 In the semi-final ties Assistant referees will be appointed and entitled to a fee of £20.00 inclusive of travel.

4.4 The home team is responsible for all match officials fees.

4.5 Referees are requested to report all late kick offs and late confirmations to the competition secretary within three (3) days


5.1 Protests must be submitted within (3) three days of the event being protested accompanied by a fee of £25.00, in duplicate in the event of the protest being upheld and deposit will be returned to the protesting club.

5.3 Any club playing in ineligible player will be fined £30.00 pounds and excluded from the competition and their opponents automatically included in the next round.

5.4 The annual general meeting of the competition shall be held no later than 14th June. The venue is to be chosen by the secretary all nominations amendments to any rule must be received no later than 14th May each year and signed by the secretary of the proposing club and seconded and signed by another club secretary.

5.5 All clubs taking part in the competition must close dates and inform the secretary of any changes

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