Course Testimonials

This page outlines the testimonials provided by learners undertaking FA Coaching Courses.

I recently attended a course at Durham FA delivered by Andy Lowe. I would just like to say that as an educator in Higher Education, with vast experience, this was one of the best courses I have ever attended. Andy is a superb Educator who understands his audience and has excellent subject knowledge. If he is involved in your coach education programmes in any way, then in my opinion FA grass roots coaching is in good hands and is moving in the right direction. An absolute credit, well done Andy!

I thoroughly enjoyed both courses, and thought your delivery style was brilliant. You really pitched ideas to the group in such a way that everyone in the group could understand, regardless of their current coaching context or ability. I took away loads from both courses, and both were vital for me when I felt like I was at a 'tipping point' with my own delivery. All content was backed up with concrete, real world examples from your own experience which as I young coach I found very useful. I know you don’t to be told this, but I just thought I'd let you know my thoughts. Top man!

Thanks very much, and see you on the youth mod 3.

Just wanted to say thank you to your both for delivering the course this week. I've found it really interesting and found both styles of delivery to be absolutely superb. It's great that you both can call on actual coaching experience to offer insight and a solid opinion.

I'm looking forward to getting Block 3 done next year.

Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Just thought I'd email you to say thanks for attending my training session recently. It was really useful to get the feedback during and after the session. I found the feedback to be really constructive, pointing out where I'd done well and providing useful pointers where I can improve. It was great to see you use a real life event (the recent Man City verses Chelsea game) to get the kids to understand a point I was trying to make.

I really enjoyed the Level 2: Block 2 (Future Player/How We Support) course. From my point of view, it was pitched to how I wanted it, a great learning environment and not being told what to do. There were opportunities to learn from the content of the course but it was also great to watch yourself deliver the sessions as well. I know from speaking with the other coaches the various tips and ways to approach each situation you have helped us massively.

I'm really looking forward to Block 3 which I'm doing at the end of January. Keep up the good work and hopefully catch up soon.

Thanks for your sterling efforts during my course. Your delivery was superb and very evident to see how much you care about coaches! I could see the massive benefits of the course from early on; this was purely down to how you delivered
I have to say that the delivery of the course was a credit to the FA. You provided the right balance of debate, ensured everyone had a voice and really kept the course moving on at a good pace. A fantastic achievement and very down to earth whilst doing so...
So, a great thought provoking course delivered by an outstanding tutor.
Well done, a great course!

Absolute pleasure to meet you and to be part of a great group of coaches for our recent course. Both you and Richard created a great learning environment and I am confident you have inspired us all TO WANT TO LEARN MORE. I for one certainly enjoyed the course and it will now be part of my everyday coaching philosophy.

Thank you!

Thanks for the great course, you delivered the best practical sessions. You don't care how much sum1 knows to you know how much there care, you care!!!! My Experiences on course were tremendous met some excellent friends that I know I'll have for life.  You have massive respect for us as coaches; you are always willing to help when needed and are a fountain of knowledge. I liked the way there was Concurrent activity as a practical session was been delivered and you’d have another group setting up so you flowed from one practice to another was very good as no standing round been bored. The Knowledge of all sessions was impressive you & kept it very simple, which was very good. I could see how well you used the 7 P's Prior, planning, preparation, prevents, poor performance.


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