Committees of Durham County Football Association Limited

Directors: I. Shuttleworth, F.D. Pattison, G. Charlton, R. Coleman, J. Parker, J. Priestley, M. Spedding, D. Robinson, J. Morton and J.C. Topping

Discip No.1: J. Priestly, A.W. Parkin, B. Griffiths, C. O'Donovan, S. Alderson and T. Farley

Discip No.2: R. Coleman, J. Morton, M. Spedding, J. Saunders, J. Saunders, J. Neilson and K. Clark

Youth Discip: J. Parker, G. McKitterick, D. Robinson, R. Griffiths, K. Oliver and Youth Representative

Referees: J. Morton, D. Robinson, R. Griffiths, K. Clark and T. Farley

Benevolent: I. Shuttleworth, F.D. Pattison, G. Charlton, J. Parker, B. Griffiths, R. Griffiths, J. Priestley and C. O'Donovan

Youth: R. Coleman, M. Spedding, J. Parker, J. Priestley, J. Saunders, A. Johnston (Schools Representative), Youth Representatives and Youth League Representatives.


Daytime Discip:
R. Coleman, J. Priestley, D. Robinson and R. Griffiths

County Cup: R. Coleman, A.W. Parkin, M. Spedding, K. Clark, T. Farley, D. Robinson, J. Morton and K. Oliver

Cup Final Alloc.: I. Shuttleworth, F.D. Pattison, R. Coleman and J. Priestley

Girls/Womens: R. Coleman, Youth Representatives and Tina Reed 

Football Development: R. Coleman, G. Charlton, M. Spedding, Youth Representatives and D. Cleary

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